Yiwu Manual

Before Arriving in China
1. To make better use of the business travel period, we researched and scheduled some meetings with the suppliers in China.

2. We send an invitation letter to our customers to travel to China on business and we can also help our customers on how to get visas 

3. We book hotels for our customers with good discounts.

4. We pick up our customers at airports in Yiwu, Shanghai and Hangzhou by car

After Arriving in Yiwu
1. We accompany our customers in the visits of market of our products sought by our customers, we visit store by store and manufactories, if necessary,

2. We perform all translation and negotiation between the customer and the supplier.

3. We note the order with all details, such as: Description of products, colors, sizes, details of packaging, measures of packaging, take photos of all products of the order,

4. We produce a purchase list so our customers can check and verify the price, total amount and total volume of cubing.

After purchase in yiwu is finished 
1. We contact the visited suppliers and commission the products according to the purchase list approved by our customer,

2. We follow, step by step, the production of products purchased in order to verify compliance with deadlines agreed by the suppliers,

3. We collect the products in our warehouse and inspect the products to ensure that they comply with the requirement of the order,

4. We distribute payments to all suppliers,

5. We ask the container reservation and the loading of cargo, or we ship it by other means of transportation, as requested by the customer,

6. We prepare all documents required for export to the customs in China,

7. We prepare all import documents of the foreign country,

8. We send all documents along with the BL (bill of louding) by courier in the customer's address.

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Room 2202, 22th Floor Yiwu Port Building A - Chengxin Road - Yiwu - 322000 - China
Phone: 86 0579-85160172
Mobile: 86 153 0689-5873
Fax: 86 0579-85160172
Skype: langantrading
86 153 0689-5873

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Room 2202, 22th Floor Yiwu Port Building A,
Chengxin Road - Yiwu - 322000 - China
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